Why Great West Day Nursery

At Great West Day Nursery, we have gathered to provide the best environment for your child’s Emotional, Social, Physical and Acedamic development. Our experienced Early Years Team is committed to support every individual child to the best of their potential and capability. We are a 60 place Nursery with the capability to provide separate areas for babies, toddlers and Pre-School Children. We have equipped the setting with all the latest technologies and various resources to develop children’s motor skills & their educational development through play.
Whether at school or at home, playing outside provides unstructured playtime which gives children a break during what are normally predictable and structured hours during their day. It also gives them free time to explore and learn in new ways. Our Outdoor play area benifits from various outdoor equipments to help children get actively involved in the real world experiences i.e. Gardening, enhance their Gross motor skills and experimenting new outdoor activities designed by our Team. We believe that every child deserves to be given the equal opportunities, confidence and positive environment to help them develop and achieve to the best of their potential.

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri ........ 7 am - 7pm
Saturday .......... Closed
Sunday .............. Closed

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Our Rooms


Snow Drop

    (Baby Room)
    Aged 6-24 Months

Sweet Pea

    (Toddler Room)
    Aged 24-36 Months

Snap Dragon

    Aged 36-48 Months

Snow Drops

    Aged 3-18 months

Sweet Pea

(Toddlers Room)
    Aged 18-36 months

Snap Dragon

(Toddlers Room)
36-48 Months

Our Learning


Our Toodlers

Our Beginners

School Readiness

At Great West Day Nursery, we strongly believe in working in partnership with the parents and other professionals. As your child in the baby room progress and develop in the areas of Physical Development, Personal Social &

Our Baby room is a large designated room for the babies with the specific area for babies to sleep, develop their sensory skills and play. 

At Great West Day Nursery, we strongly believe that it’s important to provide the separate area for the babies in order to suit their needs. We have a designated sleep room for our babies with specially designed sleeping pods to provide the best comfort and independence.

Pre-School Room promotes a fun & relaxed way of learning, where the children are encouraged to use their imaginations, build friendships, be independent and learn to share.

 Our Pre-School room is well-equipped with various activities to cover all the areas of learning and development.

Funding Available

for 15/30 of Free Childcare for Age 2, 3 and 4 Year- Olds
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Tax-Free Childcare Provider

Claim up to £2000
Check your Eligibility

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 Richer vocabularies.

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